Project manager: PhD Åsa Smedberg
PhD student: Gunnar Wettergren
Additional participants:  Prof. Jacob Palme, DSV, and Ass. Prof. Hélène Sandmark, School of Health, Care and Social Welfare, Division of Public Health Sciences, Mälardalen University.
Funding: Internal.
Project period: 2009-


An interdisciplinary IT and health project (eHealth) with researchers from the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University, and School of Health, Care and Social Welfare, Mälardalen University, has since the start in late 2009 developed a prototype of a web based stress management system. The e-health system combines various flexible forms of learning and practical training in stress management. People with stress-related symptoms are offered a combination of information about the latest research, advice, interactive exercises, and communication in social forums and with experts in the area of stress management. The system is based on the idea that people with stress-related problems have different needs and benefit from different types of help. It applies a unique concept for holistic web based interventions that includes support from both experts and the community of people with stress-related issues, based on research of social networks for improved health. The researchers in the project have presented the e-health system and the research behind the system in various scientific forums. The project continues with the development and testing of the prototype, and the examination of mobile tools and how they can be applied to further increase functionality and flexibility of the system.



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