Project manager: Professor Jacob Palme.
PhD student: Andrea Andrenucci, now Oct 2018 PhD
Funding: The Web4Health project was originally (2002-2004) funded by an EU grant. The research is now being funded by a number of smaller sources, including a faculty grant to Stockholm University, a research grant from the Carl Trygger Foundation, and income from advertising on the website.
Collaboration partners: The following organisations participated in the original EU project: KTH/DSV, Omega Generation Srl in Italy, Department of Psychiatry at the University of Ioannina in Greece, Emergis health centre, Goes in Holland, Systran S.A. in France, Framtidspsykologi Stockholm handelsbolag in Sweden, Fachhochschule Nordostniedersachen in Germany and Netdoktor in Denmark. Since the EU grant ended, the research has been financed by Stockholm University/DSV, Framtidspsykologi Stockholm handelsbolag, advertising income from the website and Klinik Lüneburger Heide Bad Bevensen in Germany.


Project description

Web4Health (pronounced “web-for-health”) is a health website with answers to some 1 000 questions within the field of mental health and preventative health care. Users can ask questions in their native language using search words, or ask a human expert. Web4Health is complete in Swedish, English and German, and is partially complete in Finnish, German, Greek, Italian and Polish. The site has 600 ,000 unique visitors per month.






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