Project team

DSV Project leader: Henrik Hansson
Project manager: Pooyeh Mobini 

Project advisor: Love Ekenberg

Sahand Samadian Ahangar (Film Maker)
Roland Burger
Stefan Nenzén
Pavel Sokolov
Staffan Åhlvik
Linda Ruhmén
Ranil Peiris
Thashmee Karunaratne
Alexander Kanaev
Tigist Asaminew

External partners

Aalto-Korkeakoulusäätiö, coordinator, Finland
Stockholm University
linkSpace Management Services GmbH (European Learning Industry Group), Austria
Club of Rome European Support Center ESC CoR-ESC, Austria
INTEL, Ireland
MENON, Belgium
OECD, France
Institute of Education, University of London, UK
Commonwealth Telecommunication Organisation, UK

Project period

November 2012 - March 2015



Description will launch the European Living Learning Network by schools and for schools. is facilitated grassroots initiative initially formed from school networks in European countries and partnerships abroad including schools in developing countries. Linked to facilitators network of higher education institutions, thematic organizations, experts, learning content and technology providers, schools will be enabled to co-develop and embark into Learning Expeditions jointly with leading players in European science, creativity and innovation. First confirmations of support have been ensured e.g. from the Club of Rome European Support Centre and Oscar Award winning filmmaker Luc Jacque. will intensify the collaboration of schools with Europe’s higher education institutions that are at the forefront of European innovation in learning organizational models and pedagogical concepts. In particular will benefit from the experiences of Aalto University in Finland today considered leading European case with new models like Design Factory and Aalto Entrepreneurship Society. fosters creativity and exploration. applies crowdsourcing principles to let schools develop own ideas for Learning Expeditions while building collaboration with other schools and facilitators. will support the community building of Learning Expeditions and initial funding. will establish mechanisms for crowd- and facilitator network based funding of Learning Expeditions. will initiate collaborative sharing platform of European TEL research with schools in facilitated context addressing organizational innovation, collaboration opportunities, cross-cultural networking as well as open base technologies, data and resources. will simplify the transfer of technologies out of research projects to schools by applying user oriented principles such as an app store approach.


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