Immersive Networking involves technology areas such as the Internet-of-Things, Big Data, Cloud Infrastructures as well as Privacy.

Immersive Networking is concerned with scenarios which involve crowd-sensing, crowd-sourcing and datamining where such technologies come into play to address societal challenges, such as learning, health, (serious) gaming, and transport, etc. Immersion is about tapping into and providing users with experiences of people, places and things everywhere. The technologies involved enable participation and interaction blending what is real or virtual, remote or local, as well present or past (i.e., mixed- or augmented reality) as if immersed.

The research focuses on enabling new ways of participation in society, and allows us to rethink application areas such as Culture, Public Decision-Making, Transport, e-Health, etc. The success of novel methods and strategies are studied and demonstrated in field studies built on  top of the MediaSense platform which is one of the major outcomes of this research.

The research is carried out in collaboration with partners in industry, authorities, policy makers, and society nationally and internationally in- and outside the EU.
im·mers·ive [ih-mur-siv] adjective :: noting or pertaining to digital technology or images that deeply involve one's senses and may create an altered mental state -immersive media; immersive 3-D environments.