Current Projects

EU FP7 MOBIS,See further the EU portal

Personalized Mobility Services for energy efficiency and security through advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques


EU AAL SALIG++, See further upcoming information

Vinnova eGov National Testbed, See further upcoming information

Past Projects

Vinnova eGov, Open data innovationSee further upcoming information


Past Projects with STC@MIUN

"Context Information sharing for IoT-applications" - KITT (2012-2014), funded by EU-Structure Funds 2, regional public sector, and industry is a 3 year project stabilazing the MediaSense platform feature set. MediaSense is an Open source technology platform and wearable sensing hardware for self-configurable sharing of sensor & user information, via heterogeneous fixed and mobile infrastructure enabling Internet of Things applications for smart environments. See further

Secure ICT for Home Environments - InSIKT (2011-2013), funded by Vinnova , public sector, and industry such as Ericsson Research is a 3 year project in collaboration with Acreo AB, to deliver secure services for different scenarios to homes, based on the MediaSense platform. The project addresses technical solutions enabling personal integrity of a home ICT infrastructure in order to provide individuals with secure applications, such as monitoring, home healthcare, energy management, and control of home connected appliances.

MediaSense (2008-2010), funded by EU-Structure Funds 2, regional public sector, and industry such as Ericsson Research and Teliacreated an open technology platform for the integration of distributed user and sensor information in mobile services. Further it addressed Interactive multimedia services focusing on user needs and utility on top of a technology platform combining multimedia distribution, sensor & user information, service control via fixed and mobile infrastructure, also addressing business models. See further

InterakTiV (2008-2010), funded by Vinnova, addressed seamless multimedia mobility and verification of interactive multimedia services via heterogeneous communication infrastructure. The platform was subsequently commercialized by ArcMage AB. See further