Project leader : Henrik Melin, BrainGlass AB (former Vocab AB).

Other participants at DSV : Robert Ramberg, professor,  Rebecka Forsberg, Rebecka Medici, Johanna Furst-Gustafsson , Rekryteringsprogrammet, DSV.

External partners : Niss-Jonas Carlsson, Vocab, Konrad Tollmar, associate professor at the Royal Institute of Technology  and Kista Teater.

Project duration : 2010-2011

Funding : Vinnova, IT services in entertainment and recreation

Budget: 1 500 000sek

This project aims to develop a new modern mobile blogging service for writing (as well as for reading) multimodal everyday stories. The blogging service is primarily directed towards school children/adolescents. The project is a collaboration between BrainGlass AB (former Vocab AB), DSV - Mobile Life and Kista Theatre.
The main idea of the project is to combine pleasure and benefit for children/young people and provide them with new tools that are based on the social media already used by most young people today. These can be used both recreationally and in school to talk about culture, sports and other things in life that interest the users.

The project aims to:
- Study how the schoolchildren use cell phones to express themselves through multimodal storytelling and how we can make this participation easier, more fun and more accessible
- Build mobile multimodal applications that make it possible to blog using various modalities, such as: text, images, video, audio as well as symbols and associations
- Develop new types of blogs with integrated multi-modal dictionaries that makes it easy to use, label and index the media better
- Evaluate these tools on a small scale by means of project problem owners.

Contact: Henrik Melin (BrainGlass)