Project leader: Robert Ramberg, Professor

Other participants at DSV : Aron Larson, Love Ekenberg, professor,  Mats Danielsson, professor

External partners : Jan Gulliksen, professor at the Royal Institute of Technology ; Ann Lantz,  professor at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH ).

Project duration : 2010-2012

Funding : Strategic funding/research

Budget: 1 500 000sek/year
The objective with this project is that we want to provide with multimodal services that enable people to tell their stories, opinions, and preferences, study how these are expressed, what discussions they create, how public knowledge may be extracted, and process models for how such content may be encompassed and conceptualised by decision making authorities or other social institutions to stimulate the citizen/government/authority/civil-servants interaction in a society with high level of ICT integration. Work in the project will then also have to focus on development of social and technology infrastructures for multimodal communication channels facilitating for and encouraging citizens to provide improved contact with authorities such as political representatives. .