Project leader: Prof. Robert Ramberg
Other participants at DSV: Teresa C-Pargman
External partners: Prof. Henrik Artman, CSC/KTH, Ann Lantz, CSC/KTH, Klas Karlgren, KI
Funded by:  The Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet). Educational programme.

 In the project we investigated how interactive artifacts can be used to support and strengthen shared use of representations in learning of interaction design. The research questions in the project were:
-what is the role of shared representations in the context of collaborative learning of interaction design,
-what is the role of artifacts (for instance large interactive surfaces for projection) in supporting and strengthening shared use of representations in a collaborative learning context.

 The focus in the project was on representations that are used within the context of interaction design and processes of interaction design that have the potential to be supported by shared representations (artifacts, design patterns, language and language use)..