IT management and governance are considered important research areas not only by different scholars but also by IT and business practitioners. The research in these areas is performed by the IT Management and Governance group that is involved in the Swedish Research School of Management and IT (MIT) funded by the Swedish Government. The funds for research projects have also come from Sweden's Government Agency for Development Cooperation (Sida) and IBM Global University Program Academic Award. Examples of research done in IT management and governance are presented below. 

Business-IT Alignment is still a top management concern and there are many challenges that remain to be researched. One challenge on which our research has focused and which has not been explored sufficiently is the influence of formal and informal organizational structure on business-IT alignment maturity.

IT Governance.  A few research has been done till now to study the role of organizational culture and structure in IT governance. In this direction our research has focused to study the influence of different organizational culture types on IT governance performance outcomes in different organizations; and by specifying IT organizational structure relationship with IT governance performance outcomes and IT governance implementation.

IT Outsourcing. The decision process for the organizations and especially for the large organizations to outsource IT or not is a substantial business change. In this direction our research has looked to the development of a method that can be used for assessing the risk exposure in support of IT outsourcing decisions and also on the study of the main important factors in IT outsourcing relationships and the success factors in IT outsourcing in large companies. 

Digital Transformation. IT plays a key role in digital successful companies, and in the next years is expected an increase in the investments related to digital transformation. However, digital technologies are becoming very important in creating value for organizations. Therefore, to succeed in digital transformation, organizations will need to deploy organizational strategies that create value through the leverage of digital technologies. Moreover, to succeed in digital transformation there is a need to have IT governance structures, processes and relational mechanisms that support digital initiatives. One of the research topic in this area has the aim to study the IT governance mechanisms that are critical for achieving success in digital transformation.