Project manager: Eriks Sneiders
Additional participants from DSV:

Tessy Cerratto-Pargman

, Ola Knutsson
Funding: Vinnova
Project period: November 2011 - March 2012


Project decription

The project contributes to providing public authorities with a generic sustainable development approach and strategy for automation of repetitive interactions. The project responds to the need for more service-oriented, interactive and user-centered self-service systems that make it easier to contact public authorities, reduce customers waiting time, and relieve employees and handling officers from tedious and repetitive tasks. Automation of request management and certain manual tasks contribute to more efficient use of material resources, reduced energy consumption and environmental impact.

The project aims, on the one hand, at augmenting intelligence in the request management process by the systems interpretation of text documents. On the other hand, the project will focus on user centered design of self-service for smoother interaction between the end user (citizens) and public authorities. The challenge is to incorporate intelligence into the entire request management process, which would help to create a request, to interpret the document and tailor its processing route, to prepare a draft solution.