Project manager: Eriks Sneiders
Participants from DSV: Alyaa Alfalahi, Gunnar Larsson, Ola Knutsson, Erik Perjons, Martin Henkel
Other participants: KTH, Gavagai, Cybercom, Cention, Visuera, Pensionsmyndigheten, Bollnäs kommun, Trafikverket

Project duration:
1 December 2012 -- 30 November 2014
Funding: Vinnova Utmaningsdriven Innovation


The project applies language technology in the settings of workflow
management. The two main outcomes are increased work flow efficiency and
improved intelligence about peoples needs embedded in the workflow.


The project's main challenge is to develop innovative e-government solutions
for case management by automated data capture, using language technology,
with in order to simplify and improve communication between
citizens/businesses and government. Application areas are decision support
and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Project results will contribute
to more effective public administration for Swedish citizens and businesses
in form of increased service provision.
The challenges for public administration are the demand for increased
service levels, self-service (automation) and cost-effective solutions while
many business processes are undergoing change and improvement.

Expected outcomes of the project are:

(i) Market introduction of a tool for streamlining workflow processes
through CRM and decision support solutions for handling business and
(ii) Increased provision, service and quality of case management within
government agencies and local businesses, citizens and businesses.
(iii) Increased knowledge about necessity of channel-neutral solutions and
tools/e-services for increased automation.