Project leader: Eriks Sneiders
Project team at DSV: Gunnar Eriksson, Alyaa Alfalahi, Erik Perjons, Martin Henkel
External partners: KTH, Gavagai, Cybercom, Visuera, Pensionsmyndigheten, Trafikverket, Klippan kommun, Sambruk
Project period: 2012-12-01 – 2014-11-30
Funding: Vinnova


The project works in three directions:

Text message (e.g. e-mail) processing

  • Automates providing solutions, if possible
  • Makes the dialogue between public authority and citizens more efficient, raises the quality
  • Analyses people’s needs, provides input for the development of the operations of the public authority

Discovery of public opinion in electronic media

  • Opinion regarding political processes and events, the operations of the public authority itself
  • Public opinion as input for future decisions
  • Input for adjustments in public authority’s communication to citizens (do people understand what we do and say?)

Processing of phone calls through basic voice recognition

  • Facilitates analysis of people’s needs and opinions


Martin Henkel, Erik Perjons, Eriks Sneiders, Jussi Karlgren, Johan Boye, Anders Thelemyr: "Language Technology for eGovernment  - Business Cases". Accepted at

Two more paper submitted, waiting for notification