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  • (2012-09-01) Stockholm University project FutureLearn continues and will soon have its last call
  • (2012-08-20) DSV Awarded new project in TEL from EU - We.Learn.IT which will start in September/October 2012About the research
  • (2012-07-01) Ulf Olsson employed at DSV will lead the upcoming KK-Stiftelsen call in TEL
  • (2012-06-01) DSV will develop elearning prototype for ECAS in the ECI-Link project

About TEL research

At DSV, research on learning and information technology (TEL- Technology enhanced Learning) has been conducted since the beginning of the 1970´s. Scope and focus of interest has of course varied in several instances over the years but taken together the research conducted has formed a critical mass of competence in the research area. Psychological/pedagogical expertise in theory and methodology as well as technological expertise and infrastructure is represented by the research laboratories/institutes involved. The research conducted is internationally recognized and stretches from psychological/pedagogic studies with a micro focus to meso and macro approaches. The micro aspects concerns for instance different presentation formats and human concept formation, relevant in the context of developing, designing and evaluating multimedia learning contents and environments – to be used for instance in distance and mobile learning. The meso approaches focus on technological infrastructures and pedagogical solutions in the context of developing and designing, conducting and evaluating distance and blended education. Studies at macro level involve national initiatives of introducing computers in schools, implementation and evaluation of nationwide tele-centers, international e-learning quality standards or analysis of policies for ICT in education and their impact. In order to emphasize the importance of flexible education, DSV has created (2010) a unit that exclusively deals with this topic. Results from research conducted have over the years resulted in a considerable and impressive theoretical and methodological expertise in the area. This expertise constitutes a firm ground for conducting research of highest international and competitive standard. The majority of the research in the area of TEL is performed by IDEAL unit at DSV. To the right you can find a selection of projects and artefacts that we have worked on over the past years. 

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