Project leader: Teresa C-Pargman, Associate professor

Other participants at DSV: Robert Ramberg, Professor; Chiara Rossitto, PhD; Ola Knutsson, Ph D, Johan Eliasson, Ph D candidate, Jalal Nouri, Ph D candidate.

External partners: Center for Learning and Technologies, School of Mathematics and Systems Engineering, University of Växjö; Tampere University of Technology, Information Technology, Pori, Finland; Educational Technology Research Unit, Department of Educational Sciences and Teacher Education, University of Oulu, Finland; Department of Information Science & Media Studies, University of Bergen, Norway; Department of Information and Computer Science, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim Norway; Department of Curriculum Research, Danish School of Education, Aarhus University, Denmark; Department of Media Technology, Copenhagen Institute of Technology, Aalborg University, Denmark.

Project period: 20102012.

Funding: NordForsk.

Budget: 861 000Nok

The aim of the researcher network  "Learning Ecosystems and Activities of the Future" (LEAF)  is to develop and implement a common Nordic strategy for supporting new funding possibilities to promote synergy in research and development in the field of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) across the Nordic countries. The expected outcome of these efforts will result in practical initiatives to support a wide range of TEL related activities of high international quality.



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