Project leader: Robert Ramberg, professor

Other participants at DSV: Teresa C-Pargman, associate professor, Jalal Nouri, Ph D candidate, Johan Eliasson, Ph D candidate.
External Partners: Marcelo Milrad, professor; Daniel Spikol, Ph D; Didac Gil de la Iglesia, Ph D candidate; Oskar Pettersson, Ph D candidate from Center for Learning and Technologies, School of Mathematics and Systems Engineering, Linnaeus University.

Project period: 2009–2013

Funding: internal project funded by K2lab-DSV

Two interrelated PhD-projects build on the aim to within mobile learning connect indoors and outdoors pedagogical activities through implicit connections. This is done through a pedagogical activity design. In this, the pedagogical activity is not only consisting of outdoors tasks, but also preparation and design of the whole activity. Problems focused in the project are: Pedagogical activity design related to students’ need for in situ information, and techniques for collecting data, analyzing and evaluating Mobile Learning.