Research team: Uno Fors, Robert Ramberg and Hiran Ekanayake and others
Animation team: Edon Abazi, David Söderström, Simon Amahorseja and Kjell Näckros
Financing: The project is financed via DSV internal funds.


Project description

In most of our Virtual case and or Virtual patient systems, we have used real human actors to increase the feeling of realism and enhancing the emotional impact on the user as well as enabling expressions of different emotional states of the virtual person. However, real human actors are associated with high recording and editing costs, limited flexibility and more or less impossibility of post-creating new film clips.

Modern animation techniques might solve some of these problems, but might not be as emotionally engaging than real human actors. Therefore is this project set up, where the same film sequence used in for example the RoD - IDAP project, is developed in a totally animated version and compared regarding emotional and physical reactions of the user.

The user reactions are measured by means of, among other methods, EEG, Eye Blink Startler, Skin Conductance (GSR), Face expressions (video) as well as with interviewing the subjects.

















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