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In clinical education there are today not as much opportunities for students to meet patients with the most common disorders during their short time of clinical practice.

The aim was twofold:

  • To provide authentic patient cases with common dermatological disorders which students can interact with during their short stay at the clinical course.
  • To design the interface in a way that support not only learning of biomedical facts but meaningful reasoning and reflection on the whole clinical process.

Nudov is intended for undergraduate medical students in the beginning of their clinical part of their education.

Use of the software has been studied with focus on both usability and learning outcomes, reported in 2006: (Wahlgren C-F, Edelbring S, Fors U, Hindbeck H & Ståhle M: Evaluation of an interactive case simulation system in dermatology and venereology for medical students. BMC Medical Education 2006, 6:40 doi:10.1186/1472-6920-6-40)
















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