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The experience form our other Virtual Case projects, including the Web-SP project, has told us that students prefer this type of virtual cases than traditional teaching cases like paper case descriptions, MEQ cases etc. Our group has also found that students learn better (improved learning outcomes) and also are assess better with this type of more realistic cases.

However, one of the problems with Web-SP and most other systems like that is that they are targeting very specific subject domains. For example, even if we have used the initially medical Web-SP system for also teacher education and law/business education, we have needed to be very creative and tolerant when creating cases for non healthcare education.

Therefore we have started to re-design the whole case creation model and aims to develop a totally new system, preliminary called Virtual case Creator – VCE.

This system is intended to be as good as Web-SP is now for medicine, but also be as good for completely other domains like banking and finance, law, teacher education and similar. The new system will handle this by being very modular – new modules for specific interactions can be developed, while still keeping the old ones that works fine.

The work has started and we are looking for any collaboration that would make this system be even more flexible and interesting.

The project is financed via a number of different grants from i.a. DSV internal funds.


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