Mobile Learning 

Math edUcation and pLayful LEarning (Mulle)

mVisible - Mobile Inquiry-based learning

One to many and many to one, EMME

Social Media and Learning environments

IT support for Master’s and PhDs students

PLACES - Purposeful Learning Across Collaborative Educational Spaces

Communicative Spaces in Practicum as Sites of Participatory and Empowering Practice

A study on the role of representational artifacts in interaction design: Sketching as an embodied practice (Dekal)

Learning Ecosystems and Activities of the Future (LEAF)

Co-operation in Instructional Technology (ICT in Education)

Writing to learn In Digital Environments (WIDE)

ICT and Pedagogical Developmental

Completed projects

MyUniversity - Decision making for a united higher education

Ungas multimodala gestaltning – hur digitala medier kan användas för uttryck och reflektion, UNGMODs

Konstruktion av genus online bland unga i Estland och Sverige, the.GTO.project


Virtual cases for learning and assessment

Creating filmed drama of simulated problem solving which is used for students self-examination

Emotions and Animation vs. Filmed actors

Refugee Trauma

VCs for Forensic psychiatry

Virtual cases for learning and assessment

Completed projects

The use of language tools for writers in the context of learning Swedish as a second language

Learning and teaching at universities – towards active learning and use of IT in medical and technological education

Older projects (partially performed at Karolinska Institutet)

RoD - Reactions on Display
MICS - Multi-Interdisciplinary Case Simulations
CaseEx - Virtual cases for assessment
NUDOV - National Dermatology Case System
NCG - Nephrology cases
ISP - Interactive Simulation of Cases