TEL is an interdisciplinary research area that spans several research units at DSV. Our expertise and research interests are reflected in the following themes: design-based learning, multimodality, design patterns, digitalisation of the educational sector, computational thinking, learning analytics, sustainable innovation for learning and education, computer games, the future of learning in higher education, ethical and social implications of novel technologies on eductaional activities.

Our ambition is to lead the design and implementation of emerging technologies as well as to contribute with knowledge of how learning and education get transformed with the use of established and cutting-edge technologies.

We collaborate with a range of stakehoders and our research is funded by national and international funding agencies. TEL-researchers collaborate closely with the Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching CEUL at Stockholm University. We contribute to the editorial work of the International and Open Acces Journal Design for Learning published by Stockholm University Press. 


Research Groups & Themes 

Learning analytics

Virtual Cases Research

Critical Computing