The unique strength of our research in this area, which is very much pursued in the internationally recognised Mobile Life VinnExcellence Centre,  lies in its combination of leading edge applied research and intense collaboration with industry. In this area, the research team develops novel mobile services, theory and methods. We design, implement and subsequently study novel, futuristic applications for real uses.

We provide a view into our future life with digital technology, an enjoyment society where happiness, pleasure and play are adopted into all aspects of our lives. Already, enjoyable activities and experiences are fundamental parts of our daily lives and we orient towards them during leisure time and when engaging with others. The quest for enjoyment is there when we look for things do after a day at the office; when we discuss holiday plans with friends or kin, or when we browse the TV-menu. It is also there when we engage in meaningful activities that are pursued over longer times, and where the pleasure does not arrive momentarily, such as when training to improve skills in sports or when we organise enjoying practices for others. The orientation towards increased happiness has perhaps never been as apparent as with the emerging Internet culture, a culture that long ago left the desktop computing environment to be available on TV screens and mobiles.

We show how enjoyment will be pursued given a mobile technology of a somewhat new type. With the integration of more and more sensor and communication technology in phones as well as in the environment, we are rapidly entering a world in which there no longer is any difference between ‘online’ and ‘physical’ – the Internet is just there for us, all of the time, as an invisible aspect of our physical world.

In order for us to better understand the possibilities and challenges with such a society, we invent and investigate a number of enjoyment services. Such services, which depend on mobile devices and networks in combination with emergent sensor technology, give us better means to engage in the situation and location at hand. They are intended to fit with movement aspects of people’s lives. They combine the potential of the web, with the activities that matters for people in their everyday mobile situations. We are no longer connected to the network through our devices; the network is just there, on location and in the situation at hand.

Visitors to DSV and the Mobile Life VinnExcellence Centre get a peek preview of the future. They will see how computer games are present everywhere and transform everyday life into magic. We show how user-generated media expands into live video, and how user-generated live video and sensors can be utilized to provide enhanced experiences of nature. The increasing availability of sensors can also be used to make our relation to our body even more interesting. Peoples’ interest in their own experiences, and their friends’ and kin’s experiences, will thrive on new means for self-description based on body data such as their skin’s moisture levels, pulse or physical movements. Fashionable people will express themselves through digital material of various sorts. And people will not depend on experts to make this future happen, but can take active part in shaping their own apps and services through the tools and app mash-up environments we provide. We show how service development is increasingly rapid, pointing to a future where applications can be designed for a very specific purpose and specific user group, but used among people with similar needs all over the world.  
In all, we believe that the role of a mobile phone, as a person’s main digital device, is currently at its peak. In future society, with an increasing number of enjoyment services, as presented in Centre, it has to compete with many devices on and around a person to provide for a richer and more enjoyable life.