Decision and risk analysis is fundamental in life, although a systematic study of it is still neglected by many. Our research is concerned with decision making, as well as with the forms for making decisions. We are interested in how decisions are shaped and how they ought to be shaped. Over a number of years we have been examining different types of decisions and the processes surrounding them.

We have looked at transparency in processes and in the underlying data. We have looked at various systems of rules for decision making and participation.

We have undertaken a succession of projects in order to try to understand how one can create open regulatory systems and methods for making decisions.

We have worked with politicians, government agencies and their staff.

Many have been well disposed towards our research while some have been negative. This is a difficult area and we have sought to understand why, and what one could do to ameliorate the situation.

We have found a variety of applications of these in different domains such as urban planning, public procurement, treatment of hazardous materials, energy and heat management in buildings, and humanitarian demining.

We are developing both conceptual models and computational methods, including web based tools and stand-alone software and associated processes for pursuing rational decision making in business and society by exploring criteria, alternatives and consequences in decision situations.

In short: decision making is about continuing existence.