Municipal+ App = Munizapp

M-government system for complaint- and problem management

This project develops Munizapp, a municipal App enabeling citizens to report problems, comments and complaints that they may have regarding the neighborhood where they live. 

An example of usage may be when you are out walking your dog, and discover a hole in the road or a broken street light. Simply start Munizapp on your smart phone, take picture and press send. Munizapp sends a picture of the problem and GPS location to the municipal responsable for the problem. A new, easy and direct way of interaction between the municipal and its citizens.

It is of course possible to discover and comment on other nearby issues reported by others.

The Munizapp system is made up of a smart app for citizens that communicates directly to backend systems of municipalities. This is a type of M-government system.

The project is a collaboration between Stockholm University and software vendor Idega from Iceland and Mobisoft from Estonia. Sponsors to the project are Vinnova, Nordforsk and 10 participating municipalities from Sweden.

During the fall of 2013, the project will deliver a fully functional version of Munizapp ready for integration in municipals in Sweden, Iceland and Estonia.

If you are interested to learn more about Munizapp, how it works, or how you local government can start to offer it, please contact Andreas an[at] 




Academic description and motivation:

One of the most commonly available and most used e-services in Scandinavia are electronic complaint- and problem management systems. Complaint- and problem management systems (CPMS) provide a direct channel for citizen input regarding problems and complaints related to the community they live in (such as an overly full recycling station). This interaction between the public and the private spheres is a central piece in an everyday democratic process.

Current CPMS have a web-based front office stipulating citizens to go online via a computer in order to use the system. As a consequence, there is a significant time delay between discovery and reporting of an issue.

This project will design and build a mobile e-government system (m-government), enabling instant reporting of issues through a mobile (smart) phone. The system will send a report comprising of a description, picture and position to the relevant public authority. The system will have seamless integration to back-end municipal IT-systems and workflows. A citizen who wants to report a problem only needs to point a smartphone towards the discovered problem and push a button.

The results and benefits from the project will be (1) a working prototype of an m-government system ready for implementation, (2) increased quality of public citizen service due to better prioritization of work and quicker municipal response-time, (3) a generic methodology for design and development of m-services, (4) a new communication channel between citizens and public administration, (5) public savings due to fewer inspections and less internal administration, and (6) an established eGovernment network of researchers, municipalities and SMEs from Sweden, Iceland and Estonia. Finally (7) the project will investigate the feasibility of writing an EU-framework program application for a continued, pan-European collaboration as a next step for the project.



For more information contact Andreas, an[at]