Kathleen Berns, DSV


Docent Rob Comber, Media Technology and Interaction Design, KTH 

Docent Donald McMillan, DSV


Jakob Tholander, DSV


Chiara Rossitto, DSV


Saving the food is the easy part: Design for Commoning in Surplus Food-sharing Communities



This research furthers the area of Food and HCI by identifying the central meanings and values underlying how food-sharing practices are organised. I have illustrated the volunteers’ work and practical concerns to structure the flow of attendees at face-to-face events, rather than through the use of digital platforms. This work has detailed how, through the volunteers' work, surplus food is transformed into gifts that can be collected by anyone. Moreover, it has shown the volunteers' efforts to uphold an activist agenda (i.e., making visible the limits of current food systems) while at the same dealing with problems of managing the flow of attendees at food-sharing events. contributes to the area of Food and HCI by illustrating the ways digitally-mediated queuing practices can be reconsidered to facilitate food distribution at face-to-face sharing events, when both communicating the community's activist concerns for food sustainability and to enable smooth food collection are central.