Piyumi Udeshinee, DSV


Docent Linda Bradley, Göteborgs universitet 

Docent Patrik Hernvall, DSV


Ola Knutsson, DSV


Sirkku Männikkö Barbutiu, DSV


Text Chat Mediated Corrective Feedback to Promote Second Language Learning: Towards A Computer Mediated Regulatory Scale



This research examines how teacher’s corrective feedback (CF) could be provided in the text chat environment using a regulatory scale to promote language learning. The present study is informed by the sociocultural theory rooted in the Vygotskian argument that learning is not independent but mediated. The study uses two central tenets of sociocultural theory:  zone of proximal development to provide an explanatory framework to understand how teachers' intervention with a regulatory scale could promote the second language (L2) learning and mediation to discuss how the mediation of a teacher and text chat platform could promote L2 learning. Thus, the broad research question is, “How could the text chat mediated Corrective Feedback be used as a mediating tool to promote learning of adult ESL learners?” The findings of this research study will provide richer insights to the current discussion on corrective feedback in Computer Assisted Language Learning context.