Preliminary thesis title: In Support of Teachers as Designers –Perspectives on the Usefulness of Learning Design/Pedagogical Pattern


Elisabeth Rolf, SU, DSV


Johan Lundin, Göteborgs universitet


Ola Knutsson, SU, DSV


Robert Ramberg, SU, DSV

Närmast berörda professor: Paul Johannesson, SU, DSV



In the context of Technology-enhanced learning (TEL) education this compilation thesis aims to provide critical perspectives on the usefulness of Learning Design (LD). It is made by examining the outcomes of my research of upper secondary teachers’ creation and use of pedagogical patterns by answering the following two research questions: How do pedagogical patterns, defined as LD, support teachers’ use of technology? What obstacles are found for pedagogical patterns, defined as LD, to support teachers' use of technology in teaching? Four articles describe different parts of the research. 1) The emergence of a collection of pedagogical patterns in a workshop series. 2) The content of the pedagogical patterns in terms of two analyses of a) the pedagogy inherent and b) the digital competence training that the pedagogical patterns provide students. 3) The use of pedagogical patterns by teachers in a workshop. 4) The design work made by teachers at the same workshop. Theories that are associated with TEL and LD provide a frame for answer the RQs. These theories are often interrelated and include Scandinavian participatory design, design patterns, Learning Design, design thinking and teachers as designers. The results presented and discussed involve the finding that teachers do generally not invest time to use LDs outside research programs; LDs are top-down tools; LDs do not align with the design processes in which teachers regularly engage in their practice. However, LDs may work well for teacher development programs in which time is dedicated to reflect on their practice.