Step 1. Check the list of exchange places for the current application round on the DSV website.

Step 2. Read step 2 – 12 before you start the application.
This is to prevent you from missing any impotant step.
It is your responsibility to make sure all steps have been followed and that deadlines have been met. Late applications and applications with missing documents/information will without exception not be processed.

Step 3. Register to the online application portal

  • Please note that the online application has been optimized to work with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8 (or higher) or Firefox 5 (or higher). We cannot guarantee that it will function correctly with other browsers. 
  • During the application round, the online application is accessed from:
  • In the right hand column, type your first name, surname and e-mail address and the characters in the picture that will show up after you have filled out the boxes. Click “Register”.


  • A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the address you registered. Please click on the link in order to activate your account within 24 hours. (Check your junk mail if no e-mail has been delivered to your inbox.)
  • Type your e-mail address and create a password of at least one digit, one letter and one special character. The password must be at least eight characters long.
  • Log in with your e-mail address and password. Type the characters shown in the picture that will show up. Click “Login”.

Step 4. Start Application

  • Click on “Start new application”.

Read the information under “Welcome to the online application for outoing students!” and click “Next”.
Below are some guidelines on how to fill in the different sections of the application. If you put the pointer on the circles with an “i” in the application form you will receive specified information about how to answer a question correctly.

Step 5. Personal Information

  • Enter your personal information.
  • Upload a picture (jpg format).
  • Enter your emergency contact.

Step 6. Educational Background

  • Enter your educational background.
  • Level: Choose “First cycle/Bachelor (Kandidatprogram) or “Second cycle/Master” (Masterprogram).
  • Buddy:  If you have been a Buddy to DSV exchange students - write the student/s name and university.          

Step 7. Language Proficiency

  • Look at the list of exchange places to see if the university requires proof of English language proficiency.
  • Proof of English language skills to be uploaded at step 10.

Step 8. List of Exchange Places

  • Fill out the information under List of Exchange Places.
  • Duration in semesters: Choose 1 semester.
  • Department: Computer and Systems Sciences.
  • Framework. Check the list of exchange places  in order to choose the correct framework.
    Erasmus exchange studies (For universities inside the EU.)
    Bilateral departmental agreements (For universities in Asia and Switzerland.)
    Note: Do not choose Bilateral university wide agreements, Nordplus, Nordlys or North to North. Otherwise we will not be able to see your application.
  • Country: Select country of preferred stay.
  • Institution: Make sure to choose universities that are on the current “List of DSV exchange places XX”.
  • Stay opportunity: Confirm the university and type of agreement.
  • A maximum of three universities can be chosen in the application.
    If you want to add a university, click on "+ priority" and add the information as above. If you want to delete an inserted university, click on "×". You will not increase your chances of getting a nomination by adding one university more than once. Doublets will be deleted.
  • Put the university you wish to get a nomination to the most as “Priority 1” and so on.

Step 9. Further Information

  • Enter information about disabilities or special needs (e.g. dyslexia).
  • A medical certificate to be uploaded at step 10.  

Step 10.  Mandatory Documents to be Uploaded

  • A recent Transcript of records (Studieintyg from Ladok. Make a print from the portal
  • Proof of English Proficiency as a Pdf file. (A language test or Gymnasiebetyg.)
  • Preliminary Course Selection Form as a pdf-file.
    Before uploading the form make sure you have checked the courses offerd at the partner university. Make sure you have numbered the universities in the course selection form the same way as in the online application under “List of Exchange Places”.
  • If you have a medical certificate and confirmation from Stockholm University regarding a disability please add these documents as well (making all into one Pdf). (max size 10 MB)

Step 11. Disclaimer

  • Read the text and approve by ticking “yes” and make sure you have completed all mandatory fields and uploaded all necessary documents. You can submit your application once all the sections in the menu are marked with green checkmarks. No more changes will be possible after submitting your application.

Step 12. Submit Application

  • Confirm that you wish to submit the application form.
  • If your application has been submitted successfully you will receive a confirming message.  
    Please note that you must e-mail the application including the uploaded documents as one pdf-file to Registrator ( no later than two days after the end of the deadline, for your application to be considered. 
  • Log out and log in again, to download the complete application as a Pdf-file.

Step 13. Outcome of application

  1. You will receive an outcome of your application by e-mail within three weeks. Note: check your e-mail.
  2. You must accept or not accept the nomination by the date mentioned in the email  - otherwise you will loose the place.
  3. DSV will nominate you for exchange studies at the partner university.
  4. You will start the next application procedure – to the partner university!

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