The 49th ICA Conference takes place between 6–9 of September 2015 and brings together the CIOs from over 30 nations and global organisations together with members of academia, the public and private sector.

Cyber security and citizens’ protection in the digital world

The conference will address the topics of cyber security and citizens’ protection in the digital world; providing practical solutions on how governments can minimize security risks for citizens’ personal data; what sources of big data are being used by governments around the world but, most importantly, how are governments applying this emerging field of information technology to make decisions and achieve desired societal outcomes for their citizens, enabling mGovernment to address societal challenges.

- This year’s ICA conference is a unique opportunity to discuss with peers from all over the world about societal challenges of today. Special focus this time will be on mobile government services. Our debates and discussions are very interactive, hands-on and informal, says Frank Leyman, Manager of International relations at Federal Public Service ICT (Fedict) in Belgium.

Commenting on the conference, Vasilis Koulolias, Director of eGovlab, says “Our discussions will assist us in increasing the value of public services and unleash new methods and technologies towards better governance. The private sector involvement with academia and civil society can drive service delivery towards economic growth in Sweden, the Nordics and internationally.”

A shared Nordic infrastructure and a digital single market within Europe

The conference will end on September 9th with the joint session of Northern European countries, which aims to highlight the potential of a shared Nordic infrastructure towards a digital single market within Europe. By fostering an ecosystem for open innovation towards co-creation of common services it will result in job creation, economic growth and efficient government. This session will provide an excellent opportunity to share best practice, learn from each other and find new ways for collaboration within Northern, pan European and international context. 

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