This 40 year Anniversary book is the fruit of dedicated work by many persons who at different times have been connected to, and employed by, the DSV Department at Stockholm University and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

Where not names of individual authors are shown below, responsibility for the work rests with a group of researchers consisting of professors Janis Bubenko, Carl Gustaf Jansson, Tomas Ohlin, Louise Yngström, and Anita Kollerbaur who is present Head of Department at DSV.

As seen below, three internationally recognized professors have been kind enough to accept special invitations to participate. These are Arne Sølvberg, Adele Goldberg, and Zary Segall.

Furthermore, a large number of contributors have been present in the discussions, creative moments and writing hours, whose outcome is this volume. Among these, we would like to mention (in alphabetical order):

Matts Alsén, Peter Bagge, Stig Berild, Gunnar Björkman, Henrik Boström, Elin Carlsson, Rudolfo Candia, Tord Dahl, Mats Danielsson, Love Ekenberg, Rune Engman, Göran Goldkuhl, Lars Gunnarsson, Mattias Hällström, Rolf Høyer, Kristina Höök, Kristo Ivanov, Paul Johanesson, Jussi Karlgren, Ken Larsson, Mats Lundeberg, Anders G Nilsson, Birgitta Olsson, Jacob Palme, Eduardo Pérez, Emily Rosenqvist, Robert Ramberg, Péter Révay, Eric Roupé, Anne-Marie Philipsson, Åsa Rudström, Kjell Samuelsson, Jozef Swiatycki, Lars Söderlund, Bengt Wangler, Mats Wiklund and Tobias Wrigstad. For language control Karin Tidholm has been a great help. An important piece of work has been carried out by Hardy Hedman. He has defined text forms and created graphical layout for the book, in order to achieve its present reader comfort.

A sincere thank you to all contributors!

The editorial group
Janis Bubenko jr, Carl Gustaf Jansson, Anita Kollerbaur
Tomas Ohlin, Louise Yngström

Design Hardy Hedman in cooperation with

Cover photo: Kjell Johansson/Bildhuset – Scanpix


ICT for People
Department for Computer and Systems Sciences (DSV)
at Stockholm University and Royal Institute of Technology,
© DSV and the authors
ISBN 13: 978-91-631-9588-4
ISBN 10: 91-631-9588-7