Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are increasingly important for human learning. Most students have a high level of ICT skills. Many teachers at Stockholm University have also a high level of ICT skills.

But not always just about ICT for learning. Therefore we want to enhance and develop the pedagogical use of ICT for Stockholm Universitys all programs and departments.

Example of a modern ICT use in University courses:

  • Virtual meetings with simulated cases(used in areas such as Economics, Law, Commerce, Psychology, Teacher Education, Social Work, etc)

  • Virtual_environments  (used eg in Psychology, Social Welfare, School, Bullying, etc.)

  • ICT_assisted_assessment   (likely to facilitate the work of teachers, can examine critical thinking, problem solving ability, etc)

  • Simulations (used eg in Archeology, Geology, Psychology, Biology, Environment, Social Welfare etc.)

  • New_learning Environments (for example lectures, group work, independent study, etc.)

  • ICT_enabled labs and remote labs (used in areas such as Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, etc.)

  • Visualization and Animation (used in areas such as Chemistry, Biology, Environment, etc.)

More traditional ICT support for education, such as uploading existing material on the web or in so-called Learning Management Systems (LMS) occurs as well, but to get support in this project LMS must be used  in a new and pedagogically innovatice way. The same applies to examination, to just put up an exam in a learning management system with multiple choice questions are often not very educational or innovative.