• Uno Fors, Department of Computer and Systems Sciences(DSV), Chairman/Project Manager

  • Michael Christie, Department of Education, vice Chairman.

  • Staffan Selander, Department of Education
  • Lovisa af Petersens, Faculty Office of Humanities
  • Una Cunningham,  Department of Language Education
  • Yishao Zhou, Department of Mathematics
  • Alasdair Skelton, Department of Geological Science
  • Peter Wahlgren, Department of Law
  • Ulf Färjare, Department of Law
  • Fredrik Oldsjö, University Educational Center
  • Lotta Ungerth, Department of IT Services
  • Ebba Ringborg, Student representative

  • Jakobina Nilsson, Student representative


In addition to the Project Management there are on DSV resources for technical / educational assistance, and some administration. 

Furthermore, UPC supports the project with a secretarial resource.