Plenary session – Keynote

Parallel session 1 .1 – Computerizing Public Sector Industries I

  • Bjørn Nagell. Computerization of the Norwegian Land Register: An early example of outsourcingand still    a model for good practice  
  • Johan Gribbe. Controlling the Battlefield: Computing and operational command in the Swedish armed forces, 1966-89  
  • Arne Kaijser. The use of computers for controlling electricity flows in Sweden, 1950-1980
  • Norodd Hagenson. Operations Analysis Computing at FFI 1970 – 95

Parallel session 1.2 – Nordic Networking

Parallel session 2.1 – Computerizing Public Sector Industries II

Parallel session 2.2 – Nordic Software Development

Parallel session 3.1 – Computerizing Management and Financial Industries

Parallel session 3.2 – The Making of a Nordic Computing Industry I

  • Søren Duus Østergaard. Early History of Computing in Denmark (4557 Kb)
  • Lars Heide. Making business of a revolutionary new technology: The Eckert-Mauchly company, 1945-1951
  • Petri Paju. IBM Productions in the Nordic Countries  
  • Sverrir Ólafsson. The  Presence  of  the  IBM  Branch  Office  in  Iceland      
    1967  -­  1992 

Parallel session 4.1 – Users and Systems Development

Parallel session 4.2 – The Making of a Nordic Computing Industry II

Plenary session: Panel - What Can We Learn from the Nordic Computing History?
Moderator: Tomas Ohlin

Plenary session: A Presentation of Three Research Projects on the History of Computing

Parallel session 5.1 – Computerizing Art, Media, and Schools

Parallel session 5.2 – Nordic Research in Software and Systems Development

Plenary session: Invited talk

  • Dr Ivar Jacobson: SEMAT – Software engineering method and theory: What we can learn from history and what we should do about it

Parallel session 6.1 –Teaching at Nordic Universities

  • Hans Andersin, Markku Syrjänen and Reijo Sulonen. Computer Science Education at Helsinki University of Technology. The First 10 years (1968–1978)  
  • Darek Haftor, Stig C Holmberg, Ulrica Löfstedt, Christina Amcoff Nyström and Lena-Maria Öberg. Provincial Designer Design: A Creative Mix of Hard Restrictions and Soft Visions  
  • Peter Johansen. Teaching image analysis at DIKU  
  • Yngve Sundblad. Simula – Mother Tongue for a Generation of Nordic Programmers (2837 Kb)

Parallel session 6.2 – Historiographical and Methodological Reflections