A program outline can be downloaded from here (121 Kb) .

A detailed list of sessions and papers with some presentations can be downloaded from here.

Information about the authors can be downloaded from here (359 Kb) .

Besides paper presentations, the program will also comprise a panel discussion over the theme "What can we learn from (the Nordic data) history? Is this knowledge of value for the next generation?" and presentations of three Swedish finished and ongoing projects on IT history. There will also be two invited speakers.

Invited Speakers

James W. Cortada (keynote)

Dr. James W. Cortada has held a variety of sales, consulting, management, and executive positions at IBM over the past 35 years. He is the author of over two dozen books and over a 100 articles on the management and history of information technology, and is a leading authority on the contemporary role of information in American society. His most recent book is How Societies Embrace Information Technology, published with Wiley and the Computer Society. He has a BA, MA, and Ph.D. in modern history.

Ivar Jacobson

Dr. Ivar Jacobson has a long background in software engineering and the development of software and object-oriented methodology. He is a father of components and component architecture, use cases, the Unified Modelling Language and the Rational Unified Process. He has contributed to modern business modelling and aspect-oriented software development. Lately he has been working on a smarter way to deal with methods and tools in a superlight and agile way. He has developed a practice concept that is now being adopted by both developers and tool vendors. Right now he is working with a team of software leaders with the mission to build a widely-adopted, strong foundation under software engineering, tentatively called Methods Need Theory. He is the principal author of six influential and best-selling books. Ivar Jacobson is the chairman of Ivar Jacobson International which has subsidiaries in the US, UK, China, Singapore, Australia, Sweden and Canada. He has an MSc and a PhD from Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm.